Solid Surface - add a touch of luxury to your bathroom

The SAFE alternative to engineered stone

Solid surface replicates the look and feel of natural stone

Manufactured from pure acrylic and natural minerals it is 100% Crystalline silica free

custom shower base
Mt Carrara shower base, shower niche and vanity with Opal basins

NO silica is safer than LOW silica - Choose Solid Surface

Prohibition on the use of engineered stone

On 13 December 2023, WHS ministers representing the Commonwealth, states and territories agreed to Safe Work Australia’s recommendation to prohibit the use of engineered stone to protect thousands of workers from respirable crystalline silica (silica dust).

They unanimously agreed to prohibit the use, supply and manufacture of all engineered stone with the majority of jurisdictions to commence the prohibition from 1 July 2024



Crystalline silica content of product options

Marble <5%4%
Slate 20% to40%
Granite 25% to60%
Sandstone 70% to90%
Engineered/Reconsituted stone 80% to95%

solid surfaceSolid surface is available from a number of companies and is sold under various brand names.  All our solid surface products are produced using Meganite® solid surface.  Meganite® is made with safe materials and is tested by international agencies for indoor air quality, restricted chemicals, and hygienic properties.  All MEGANITE® colours are GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD qualified, regarded as a low-emitting and harmless interior building material for all-kind projects.  Meganite was founded in the USA in 1976.

Features & Benefits of Solid Surface

Non-Porous - Solid surface is 100% non porous.  Liquid, stains and germs cannot penetrate.

Hygienic - Does not support the growth of mould or bacteria.

Seamless Joins - Seamless surface joins with no crevices to trap moisture, bacteria or dirt.

Easy Care - Easy to clean, stain and slip resistant.