Frequently asked questions

Solid Surface - FAQ's

Our Solid Surface Shower Bases - FAQ's

Our Solid Surface Vanity Tops - FAQ's

Can you custom make a vanity top?

Yes, we can custom make our vanity tops.

Colour, size and basin integration are customisable.

Can you integrate basins into your vanity tops?

Yes, you can choose from our range of 10 basin styles and choose 1 or more to be integrated.

Do I have to have basins integrated into my vanity top?

No, we can custom make your vanity top with or without basin/s.

Do you make coloured vanity tops?

Yes, choose from our range of 12 on trend colours

Our Tile-Over Shower Trays - FAQ's

What are your tile-over shower trays made of?

Our tile-over shower trays are made of a high density polyurethane composite

What is the largest custom made tile-over tray you can make?

We can custom make our tile-over trays any size up to 1150mm x 1950mm

Is there a fall to the waste?

Yes, all our tile-over trays have a machined fall to the waste

Can I choose my outlet position?
  • Yes
  • The outlet can be place almost anywhere
Can your shower tile-over trays be cut to size
  • Yes
  • Trimming one of our standard size trays can eliminate the need for a custom made item.
  • Lips are only required for wall sides - when trimming off the lips not required the tray can be trimmed further to suit your requirements.
Do I need to check your tile-over tray into the wall?
  • No
  • Our tile-over trays butt up against the stud, then your wall board sits on the flashing supplied.