Tile-Over Shower Trays

Discover our unique design - 100% Leak Proof - Your Insurance

One piece  -  NO JOINS to fail and cause leakage                        Machined in fall to waste

Unique ‘lip/flashing’ design - protects wall cavities                     CUSTOM sizes available  —  up to 1150x1950mm

shower tile tray
shower tray
      • Extremely strong - Lightweight - Maintenance free
      • Easy to install - simplified plumbing connection - non check-in
      • Manufactured with wall lips (easily trimmed off for multiple side level entry)
      • Suitable for masonry, timber, cfc or steel frame
      • AS3740-2010 compliant


custom sized tile-over shower trays

Thank you Darren for your before and after photo's - we love this

Outlet Options Available

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tile-over shower tray

All our tile-over shower trays are manufactured one piece with no joins anywhere and have a machined-in fall to the waste.

They are supplied with 4 wall lips as pictured.  For level entry trim off lips not required.

Flashing for 3 sides is supplied. Trim where necessary, only required for wall sides.

The machined recess for the waste is larger than the puddle flange supplied.  This is to create a bit of  flexibility for the placement of the outlet.



Due to our unique production method the possibilities for customisation of our tile-over trays is endless, including to suit curved shower screens.

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shower tray
shower pan
custom shower pan
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